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Student semester research projects – AGRN 410 Soil Fertility. These projects were accomplished either conducted at the farm or used materials generated at the farm.

  • Relation between vitamin C, nitrate and phosphorus content in lettuce cultivars.
  • The effect of pH level and soil phosphorus level on buckwheat’s ability to mine phosphorus from low phosphorus soils
  • Elemental concentration of bell pepper in relation to high and low input plots.
  • Determining impact of manure application on the bulk density of soils in an orchardgrass rotation
  • Effects of a seep on soil across from the WVU Organic Farm
  • The effects of soil fertility on plant yield
  • Analysis between high/low nutrient input levels and animal grazing applications within a crop rotation
  • Management effects on nutrient concentrations in three green bean varieties
  • The effect of soil fertility on nutrient levels in smartweed, redroot pigweed and foxtail
  • The relationship between Mehlich 1 and Mehlich 3 soil test phosphorus results as a function of composted dairy manure application
  • Differences in nutrient concentrations between rhizosphere and bulk soil in corn field at two fertility levels
  • Pepper mineral composition as affected by variety and management practices
  • Absorption of nutrients Ca, Mg, P and K by different weed species in an organic farming system
  • Grazing management and forage type influences on soil magnesium, potassium and phosphorus
  • Effects of compost and green manure on P and K nutrient concentrations in the fruit of three varieties of tomato
  • Effects of high and low fertility on the proliferance of Alternaria solani in organic tomato plots

Soils map

Lamb management

Graduate projects

  • Tiffany Fess
  • Heather Griffith
  • Camren Marerle
  • R. Harrison Cline